Utah Notary Public Services

Notary Stamps

Azure Trails can provide Utah State commissioned Notary Public services. 


Use the Contact Us form and let us know you need a notary to get started.
We provide service both on-location in Saratoga Springs, Utah, as well as Mobile Notary services within 25 miles.


The default fees are:

On-site Notary: $10 per Notary seal as may be required. 

Mobile Notary: $25 per mobile notary visit, and $25 per additional Notary seal as may be required. 

What can I have notarized?

Just about every document which needs to be notarized in the paper world can be notarized.
There are a few exceptions, which we will NOT be able
 to notarize: 

  • Self-proving Wills and codicils.

  • Non-Self Proving Wills and codicils to be used in states other than Florida or Nevada.

  • Testamentary Trusts and any amendments to Trusts, and inter vivos trusts to be used in states other than Florida or Neva

  • I-9 Forms.

  • Certified true copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates, or court-issued documents.

  • Documents intended for use outside the United States.

  • Documents in which the notary is named or has a beneficial interest.

  • Documents containing pictures of children.

  • We are also not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies, although we wish you much happiness.

What do I need?

• A government-issued ID.


Acceptable forms of ID:

Acceptable forms of ID include the following photo IDs when valid and unexpired and bearing a photographic image of the individual's face and signature:

• U.S. State-Issued Driver’s License

• U.S. State-Issued Photo ID

• U.S. Passport Book

• Certificate of US citizenship

• Certificate of Naturalization

• Foreign Passport

• Alien Registration Card with Photo (Green Card / Permanent Resident Card)

• Military ID

Your ready? Great.. here's what to do next: 
Use the Contact Us form and let us know you need a notary.

We'll schedule at a specific date/time you are available. 

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